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How To Remove Wood Furniture Stains

So your sitting on your desk, sipping tea minding your business and disaster! You hit your mug of tea and it spills across the entire desk, draining papers, pens, your entire desk. The first thing to do would be to get tissues and wipe your entire desk down, as the mess starts to clear you realise there is a huge tea stain that engulfs your table. Don’t panic you have come to the right place, this guide will give you in-depth remedies on how to remove stains from any furniture stains.


Methods to remove furniture stains

Baking Soda & Water

Baking soda comes useful for a number of remedies, from removing stains on carpets to removing tea stains on your teeth, it works miracles! gently mix a spoon of baking soda with warm water and pour on the area that is stained. Be sure to use a cloth and rub in circular motion until the stain is completely removed.


As tea stains stay on a surface for too long you will realise it will leave a ring around the area. The best way to remove these outer circular stains is to rub Vaseline onto the wood and let it soak in over night. The next morning be sure to get a dry cloth and wipe the Vaseline, this will leave a very shiny stain free desk.


Many times when you are drinking water there maybe marks surrounding the bottom surface area of the cup staining the table. These marks, if left for a long time will stain and become a pain to get rid of, don’t wait for that long and get rid of them from the start. Pour a few warms drops of water with salt and pour it onto the table that has stains, gently rub and watch the watermarks disappear.


Toothpaste works magic on a number of things, from skin remedies to getting remove of furniture stains, yet furniture stains! Those annoying tea stains that have been lurking for months are a thing of the past. Mix it in with a bit of baking soda and warm water and you have the ultimate stain remover.


Vinegar, yes vinegar that we put on chips works magic on stains too! To remove wet glass stains or mug stains poor a bit of vinegar with olive oil and apply on the stained surface with a dry cloth. Be sure to get another cloth and wipe the surface deeper, and apply some more vinegar to make the surface stronger, and voila the stains are gone!

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Office Cleaning

Messy Desk Means a Creative Person

Many people hate messy desks, I myself hate coming to a desk that is messy, unorganised and all over the place, it makes me want to instantly clean it up. But did you know a messy desk in your eyes does not mean the desk is messy? Yes that’s correct, reports find that a person with a messy desk is a creative person that is flowing with ideas, their desk is a messy but really it is a lot of ideas written down on paper all over the place!

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”


The famous quote by Albert Einstein that is debated in this day and age. You can agree or dis-agree, a person that has a tidy desk can be organised, they could have their “to-do” list written down on paper or or their laptop, stating down what needs to be done and what time. Whereas a messy desk a person could have tasks written down all over their desk, with paper flying around, they look far more productive but are they being efficient?

When the famous Einstein was no more blessing the world, a famous picture was taken of his office desk and his desk was covered! every last inch of his desk had paper, there was not even one place that was spare, paper, paper and paper everywhere! The famous Einstein had a creative mind, if he did not have a messy mind it can be argued he may have not think of all the ideas he had.

A recent study conducted by research and studies of creative figures found that the right amount of messy desk can help to bring the creative side of a person. With a messy desk, it may look messy to the eye but to the desk user, it is a creative cave, everything is systematically layed out in the precise way so they can think deeper.

Yes a desk is messy if there are banana peelings left around everywhere, you have apple cores lying around and food all over the place. However if there is paper everywhere it may be useful and important. As Einstein, he may have had a piece of paper lying on his desk, that if he thrown away he would have not had that eureka moment!

Let us help you make your desk tidy

Get a large folder that has dividers in the middle where you can write with a felt tip pen. it is important to have a large folder as you don’t want to be moving papers around after a few years once there is not enough space. Place every single paper in their correct sub-heading so that it is easy to find again later down on the line.

Are you running a Mac or Windows laptop? More and more computers come with bigger memory space and larger hard drives, so you can store your papers and writing on your online folder. You can also upload them on cloud based services which allow you to use them on the go, from home or the office. Not only is this way efficient, you are also do your little but for the planet by saving paper.

Another great way to use boxes for storage, yes good old fashion boxes for storage. Place them at the bottom of your desk with labels on each of the box, stating what it is for and place the contents inside. This way you have all your paper but it is in a organised manner and it does not look messy.


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Office Cleaning

5 Tips to Keeping Your Desk Clean

Messy desk

Working in a office can be a hard job, it can be even harder if you have a messy desk. Having a cleaning desk is important as you may have heard of the saying a clean desk = a productive worker, therefore it is important if you want to work efficiently to have a clean desk. Have you had the long project that you have been bogged down in loads and loads of paper and as a result you have also been eating on your desk and the drink can build up, crumbs all over the place, well we have too. However to work efficiently it is important to have a clean desk and so we go into tips on how to keep your desk clean and work to your full potential.

Tip to keeping your desk clean

File paper

As you get bogged down in work paper tends to build up and that thought you had of filling that paper yesterday you ignored and an you think I will do it next day, which you know you won’t, it is important to STOP! You need stop all your work and begin filling the paper instantly.

Have a folder for separate projects and keep work colour coordinated to it is easy for you to find the paper you are looking after next time. be sure to label all the folders and label the contents inside so you can easily find the work next time.

Messy deskHave a trash can handy

Did you know if you had a trash can visible to you it almost becomes a habit to keep a desk clean? Well not you know! Always having a trash can in your visual it becomes almost instant that you throw any rubbish in the bin and stick to it. Many work places have strict rules where you must clean up where you work before the day ends, if your workplace does not have this then you should follow this rule for yourself an you will realise it almost becomes third nature to have a clean desk.

A recent survey conducted by G Force Europe, one of the leading manufacturers in plastic storage boxes found that 95% of people are more likely to have a cleaner desk if they had a bin near their desk. This study was conducted in 2015 when they surveys over 50 plastic manufacturing companies in the UK. You can see just a simple bin can do the trick.

Schedule cleaning time in the day

It is important to stop in the middle of the day and evaluate how your desk looks. Take out 15 mins a day and clear your desk, that means giving it a good wipe down with a wet cloth and putting rubbish in the bin and filing your papers and keeping pens and stationery in one secure place.

Following these basic steps and you will be in the first step to having a much more cleaner desk. You can also make it a fun task, why not have a timer everyday timing how long it takes you to clean your desk and the next day you try and beat your time, this makes cleaning a fun task.

Minimise paper usage

More offices are made up of paper, but why not use emails and word docs to store your work? If your workplace does not use emails and word docs you could bring it up in the next meeting as it could save almost 95% in paper costs, an interesting fact to tell your workplace.

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